How fluent are your Building Terms?
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Vakdocent weg- & waterbouw

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Bouwspraak enables us to understand each other!

Safety on construction sites starts with clear communication. But with so many materials, heavy machinery, noise and workers from different countries on construction sites, it is not easy to communicate clearly and work safely.  

Bouwspraak has been developed to get around the problems this creates. It replaces words with international hand gestures and signs. This makes it easy for you to get your message across, tell everyone what needs to happen and improve safety for both yourself and everyone around you – at every construction site.

All gestures

Clear communication. A big difference.

We briefly explain Bouwspraak below.
Bouwspraak has gestures you can use to warn, direct and protect your colleagues. We also show you the Bouwspraak signs and explain what they mean.
So simple. So safe.

He! He! He!


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